When Is Assisted Living Essential For Aging Adults?

13 August 2021
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Assisted living is something no adult wants to face at any age. The idea of requiring assistance to manage the most mundane aspects of daily living is something many aging adults do not want to contemplate. But there are benefits that make assisted living essential for adults who are aging, such as those listed below.

Assisted Living Helps Adults Maintain Greater Independence

The idea that assisted living offers independence to older adults goes against the conventional thought process. But it is true. Adults do not give up their independence by moving into an assisted living community. Instead, they maintain more independence by having the help they need and the encouragement to do for themselves when they can. This reduces the risk of things such as heart attacks from shoveling snow, falling off ladders while changing lightbulbs, or constant infections and injuries because you can no longer tend to personal care needs. Assisted living can eliminate these scenarios to maintain independence while having access to assistance when needed the most.

Assisted Living Care Ensures Basic Needs Are Met

Many Americans are fortunate enough to take things such as food, shelter, and medical care for granted. Among the aging population, though, food insecurity and hunger are major areas of concern. Feeding America reports that 5.3 million people within the senior population were food insecure in 2018. Combine that with confusion about medications and financial scams that target elderly populations, and you can see the benefit of assisted living communities for meeting those basic daily needs for aging adults.

Peace of Mind for Family

Another important consideration for making the move to an assisted living community involves the peace of mind it offers family members. Family members want to know that their loved one is safe and receiving nutritious food each day. They also want to know that their loved one has access to emergency care in case an emergency arises and that they will be contacted if anything happens. Assisted living provides these things as well as medical help for questions, concerns, and confusion related to medication. These facilities can also protect patients' physical health because they are not living alone and isolated.

For some aging adults, the peace of mind for family members is the deciding factor that makes assisted living the right choice. If you have questions or concerns, then you should contact an assisted living facility in your area.