4 Living Options For Your Loved One

16 December 2021
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As your loved one gets older, you may be wondering if they need a special place to live. Luckily, there are many options for senior housing. The hard part is choosing the perfect option for your loved one. If you would like to know more, check out these four living options for your senior loved one.

1. Assisted Living Facility

In assisted living, your loved one gets their own apartment (sometimes they are shared), which has everything they need to survive. However, the facility may also offer additional perks like meals, medication management, laundry, housekeeping, and supervision.

This type of facility is great for your loved one if they can mostly care for themselves, but they may need a little help with some things like keeping their home clean. It's also a great option to prevent your loved one from getting lonely. They will be surrounded by people with similar experiences and struggles.

2. Skilled Nursing Facility

A skilled nursing facility is a good choice if your loved one needs a lot of help, such as getting out of bed, getting dressed, brushing, eating, etc. Depending on the facility and the insurance coverage, your loved one may have a private room or share it with another resident.

At a skilled nursing facility, CNAs and nurses work around the clock to care for residents, and they routinely check in on residents, and residents have call buttons if they need help at any time of the day or night.

3. Memory Care Facility

There are special facilities that care for residents with memory problems like dementia. Some skilled nursing facilities may even have their own section for these residents. Since the whole facility is focused on residents with memory trouble, they are better able to offer services like meals that help promote memory, Alzheimer's support groups, types of therapy (music, art, etc.).

4. Their Own Home

In some cases, it's better to leave your loved one in their own home. This is a great choice if your loved one can care for themselves. If you or a trusted friend lives nearby, your loved one may be able to stay at home even if they need help with cleaning, meal prep, etc.

Of course, you can also hire a caregiver to come to the house. Some caregivers stop by for social benefits and to help with small issues like cleaning. Other caregivers may stay longer and do more work to care for your loved one.

As your loved one gets older, you may be worried about their safety, especially if they are no longer able to fully care for themselves. Luckily, there are many housing options available, so you can find the perfect fit for your loved one. If you would like to know more, contact a facility in your area today.

For more information on a skilled nursing facility for your loved one, contact a professional near you.