Tips For Choosing An Assisted Living Facility

3 March 2016
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It's never an easy decision to move a loved one into an assisted living facility, but this certainly does not mean your loved one can't still get the most out of their golden years. However, the ability for them to do so heavily rests on you choosing an assisted living facility that is best suited for who they are, their needs, and your family situation.

While the task of choosing an assisted living facility can be both emotional and overwhelming, by following these tips, you can not only find the best place for your loved one, but also one that works for everyone involved.

Consider the Location

It is important to make sure the facility is close to the family home for visitation purposes. If not, make sure there are adequate hotel or motel accommodations in the area. It is also prudent to look for a location with shops, restaurants and other amenities nearby to help maintain your loved one's feeling of community involvement.

Evaluate The Staff

Is the staff friendly and approachable? Are they professional and adequately qualified to meet your loved one's needs? Try visiting during an activity to see how the staff interacts with the other residents of the assisted living facility.

Speak With Other Residents

Do the other residents seem happy and well? Try engaging them in conversation and ask them what some of their favorite things are about the facility.

What Does The Facility Look Like?

Is the facility warm and welcoming? Are there plenty of seating and recreation areas for residents? Does it look clean and smell fresh? To get a good idea of how a facility normally looks, make an unscheduled visit.

What Activities Are There?

One quick way to cross options off your list is by taking a look at the activities the assisted living facility provides. Make sure that the facility you choose has activities that align with the interests of your loved one, or that he will be free to pursue his or her hobby independently.

Add Up The Costs

Before signing anything, make sure that you thoroughly understand all costs upfront. Be wary of hidden fees, such as meals, laundry service or medical assistance. Make sure that the facility is within the family's financial means to avoid having to move your loved one twice.

The transition into an assisted living facility can be made easier for all parties involved when you take into consideration not only your loved one, but also your own ability to maintain a relationship with them during this new chapter in your lives.