What To Know About Choosing Day Care For Your Elderly Parent

4 March 2016
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If you care for your elderly parent at home, you may be overwhelmed with the duties of caregiving. One solution is to use the services of an adult day care center, so you have a few hours to yourself every day to relax, shop, or go to the gym. You'll benefit from the break, and your parent will benefit too. A day care center offers activities such as crafts, and the opportunity to socialize, so your parent won't feel bored and isolated at home. Here are a few things to know about using an adult day care.

Types Of Day Care

Different organizations run adult care centers. Some may be for socializing only, and others offer health care as well, so your parent can receive nursing care or physical therapy to help with mobility. You may find adult day care offered by a local church, social organization, nursing home, or assisted living center.

Some centers specialize in Alzheimer's patients. These usually have a lower staff-to-patient ratio, and the buildings are kept secure so no one can wander off. Other centers cater to more mobile seniors and may offer a wide range of field trips during the day to keep your parent connected to the community. The key is to find a good match for your parent's medical status and mobility.

Paying For Day Care

You may have different options when it comes to paying for adult day care. Your parent's insurance coverage may help some. The center you choose might offer a sliding scale fee. It's even possible you could get government assistance if your parent has a qualifying medical condition such as Alzheimer's disease. However, if you have to pay privately for the care, you might be able to save money by limiting the days or number of hours each day that you use the service. The day care manager should be willing to help you find ways to cover the cost of their services that you might not know about.

Services Provided

If your parent will be using the center for several hours each day, you want to make sure all necessary services will be provided. For instance, you want to ensure your parent will have enough to eat in the form of meals and snacks. Also, find out if the center is able to cater to a special diet if your parent is diabetic or gluten sensitive. Transportation is another service that might be provided. The day care may be able to pick up and drop off your parent each day in a shuttle van, which will save you time and effort.

Also, consider your parent's special needs. If your parent uses a wheelchair, is incontinent, or needs help eating, you want to make sure the day care can be accommodating so your parent is well taken care of and is happy with the experience.

Be sure to visit the day care facility (like Wellspring Meadows Assisted Living) to get a feel for it before you decide anything. The facility should be clean, have a clean smell, and have plenty of staff to care for each adult there. Also, find out if there are nurses and other healthcare workers on duty, so your parent will be safe in case of an emergency. In addition to feeling confident your parent's safety and healthcare needs will be met, you also want to ensure your parent will be happy with the daily activities and opportunities to make new friends. Choosing the right day care center will make your parent's life more fun and fulfilling.