Assisted Living For Dementia Patients

11 March 2016
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Elderly loved ones that need assistance with daily living may need to be placed in a high-quality care facility. These facilities are designed to keep a close eye on the elderly and to ensure that they are living in a safe and comfortable environment. If your family member suffers from dementia, they may need to go to a memory care facility that focuses on patients who are coping with dementia. Here are some details about quality dementia programs that can help provide ongoing care to benefit residents.

Daily Plans

It's important that dementia patients receive ongoing, daily treatment. Look for an assisted living facility that provides an outlined plan specially designed to help improve or maintain memory function. Morning mentally stimulating games, discussions, and talks about special memories can help keep dementia patient's brains working optimally. The plan should also include daily exercises like walking, group workout sessions, and other programs catering to seniors. The program should also center on the individual patient with a focus on their personal history, family, and hobbies to promote a feeling of belonging and importance. Good communication with you and other family members is important so that you are kept abreast of their progress.

Meals And Dining

People suffering from dementia need a sense of order in their daily routines. A quality dementia care facility assigns seats to help foster feelings of familiarity and stability for the patients. The menu should help encourage the residents to fully engage in their food selection, but still be simple to pick out different dishes and desserts. The food should be something that is appealing to their senses and familiar rather than exotic or confusing by avoiding ingredients that might not be something they normally recognize. Residents should be encouraged to use utensils on their own as long as possible to help work on motor skills and give them a sense of independence. 

Handling Issues

For people coping with dementia, it can be difficult to follow through with daily functions without assistance. People who have dementia may roam outside of the facility and become lost if they are not properly monitored. Look for a facility that knows how to handle people with dementia in a caring and professional manner. Workers should be trained and have a complete understanding of the symptoms and behaviors associated with the disease. This will ensure that your loved one is getting the best care possible by people who not only understand but sympathize with the many difficulties associated with dementia.