How To Avoid Feeling Guilty Upon Moving Your Loved One Into A Care Facility

17 March 2016
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When you move a loved one into an assisted living facility because of an illness, mobility issues or other factors related to aging, you might be preoccupied with how your family member is adapting to the change. However, it's also important that you don't overlook your own feelings that are arising as a result of this move. Many family members experience feelings of guilt upon moving a loved one into a care facility and it's common to feel like you're abandoning your family member. This sentiment couldn't be further from the truth -- the reality is that this person will receive top-notch care at the facility. Knowing that this person is cared for, here are some tips to help you overcome your guilt.

Accept That The Facility Is Providing The Best Care Possible

Many people feel guilty sending their loved one to a care facility because they feel embarrassed about not caring for the family member themselves. You need to accept that while this intention might be noble, it's not practical. Assisted living facilities are staffed with a wide range of medical professionals who can administer the appropriate care and keep your family comfortable; you, meanwhile, don't likely have any medical training and the care you'd provide at home would pale in comparison to the care the loved one is receiving at the facility.

Don't Tell Yourself "I Could Have"

There's no point in thinking about the circumstances leading up to your family member's need for care and telling yourself that the outcome could have been different if you had acted differently. For example, if your loved one broke a hip in a fall, don't tell yourself that you could have prevented the fall if you'd installed a ramp at your family member's home. Even if such ideas are true, dwelling on the regrets that you might have won't help to alleviate your feelings of guilt.

Visit When You Can

It can be helpful to overcome feelings of guilt by continuing to be involved in your loved one's life. Instead of feeling bad about this separation, make a point of visiting your loved one in the facility as often as your schedule allows it. In these visits, you'll also be able to see that your family member is receiving exemplary care, which can help to reinforce that you've made the right decision and one that is in his or her best interest. Contact a business, such as Grace Assisted Living, for more information.