Refuting Common Myths About Assisted Living Communities

20 March 2016
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As a person ages, their health care needs will likely undergo drastic changes. Unfortunately, it is fairly common for some people to be poorly informed about the care options that are available. More precisely, assisted living communities are often poorly understood by prospective residents. To help ensure that you make a sound choice about utilizing these facilities, it is important to have a clear understanding about the following couple of myths.

Myth: Assisted Living Is Just For Individuals With Serious Medical Needs

There can be many reasons why a person would need to move into an assisted living facility, but it is important to understand that these facilities are not designed to care for individuals with intensive medical needs. These facilities are only able to provide very limited medical care due to licensing requirements and staffing limitations. Rather, these facilities are designed for those with health problems that make day-to-day independence difficult. For example, individuals with mobility issues may find it difficult to prepare meals or clean their home, and assisted living facilities can help individuals with these routine tasks. However, the exact services offered by the facility can vary greatly.

As a result, you will need to consult with any potential assisted living facilities to ensure that they are able to accommodate the needs of you or your loved one. If you find these facilities are unable to provide the needed care, you may have to consider nursing homes because they have the licensing and staff needed to provide more intensive medical care to their residents.

Myth: There Will Be Nothing To Do For Those In The Assisted Living Facility

A common concern among some people is that assisted living facilities are dull places to live. The idea of having nothing to do for a person's last years can be troubling, but it should be noted that these facilities recognize the importance of having an active community for residents. These activities are designed to ensure that guests stay mentally active and alert while also having their socialization needs met. The types and amount of activities will differ greatly from one facility to another, but they can provide an itinerary to prospective residents.

Additionally, individuals that live in these facilities are free to have visitors or leave the grounds. In fact, it is common for these facilities to provide guests with day trips to interesting local sights and attractions.

Understanding the numerous benefits of using assisted living facilities like Alta Ridge Communities can help you to ensure that you or your loved one enjoys the highest quality of life possible. Knowing that the facilities provide a stimulating schedule of events and that they are not designed for those with severe health needs will help you to better evaluate this option.