Help Your Parents Feel At Home In An Assisted Living Facility

25 March 2016
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If your parents have decided to move to an assisted living facility like The Village At Morrisons Cove because they have limited mobility, the following ideas will help make them feel at home in their new living quarters and will remind them of the past. As a result, the transition will go more smoothly, and your loved ones will hopefully find that their new home is one that they are comfortable staying in.

Framed Photo Collage

Take photographs of areas inside of your parent's home that both of them shared happy memories in or of a favorite tree or shrub that they planted years ago. Locate pictures that depict happy times and add them to the collection. Purchase a picture frame that has a glass covering and arrange the photographs inside of it so that they form a collage. Present the photo collage to your parents on the day that they move to the assisted living facility, and hang it on the wall of their bedroom so that they will be reminded of fond memories each day.

Box Of Memories

Fill a box with memorabilia that your parents have collected over the years. Include items such as awards, postcards, letters, and souvenirs. Write a letter to your parents, inviting them to look at some of the items whenever they are feeling lonely. Place a notebook and pen in the box so that they can write down their feelings and any memories they have when they look at the items. Ask your parents to share their thoughts with you whenever you visit them at their new home.

Bring additional items that have a sentimental value whenever you visit your parents and express the importance of each one before placing it in the box. Encourage your parents to create new memories at their new home and add mementos to the box that signify each one. Soon, the box will be filled with a variety of items that can be enjoyed regularly.

Special Blankets And Pillowcases

If your parent's new living area is small and they will need to get rid of some clothing, curtains, tablecloths, and other items that are made out of fabric, cut pieces from each one and take them to a tailor or sewing business to have them made into blankets and pillowcases.

Your parents will be reminded of some of the items that they used to see on a daily basis and will have comfortable bedding to help them feel secure while they are resting. They may also find that it isn't too difficult to let go of some items in their home because they will be retaining part of each one.

The personal items that you add to your parents new living space will be reminiscent of their old home and will help them quickly adapt to their new surroundings.