3 Tips To Make The Most Out Of Your Physical Therapy Sessions

6 April 2016
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Are you recovering from a physical injury? If so, it's possible that your medical doctor may have referred you to someone who offers rehabilitation services. While physical therapy is usually not very fun and might even be a little painful, it is a necessity if you want your body to return to good health. Here are 3 tips you will want to keep in mind as you begin your rehabilitation. 

Don't Skip Appointments

It might be weird to have someone tell you to not to skip any physical therapy appointments if you haven't even attended the first one yet but there's a good reason why. Your physical therapist will likely suggest a recommended number of sessions and will set up a schedule for you that is intended to achieve the best possible results. Your muscles do need a proper amount of rest mixed in between the workload from the physical therapy in order to heal, but too much rest could cause your progress to stagnate. For best results, you want to stick to all of your scheduled appointments as was likely discussed at your first meeting with your therapist. If you need to make an adjustment, you should let your therapist know as soon as possible.

Don't Push Too Hard In Between Sessions

Many physical therapists give their patients "homework" to complete in between sessions. You might be asked to do some light stretching or to try a few of the movements that your therapist assists you with during a session. It's frustrating to be injured and you may have a strong desire to push yourself to get better as soon as possible. While that's a good thing, you don't want to go take on more activity than was prescribed by your therapist. Moving around too much could actually prevent your muscles from getting the rest they need in between sessions.

Come Dressed for Success

When attending an appointment, you want to be in attire that will allow you to have a wide range of motion. If you are going to a therapy session right after work, showing up in a suit or tight dress isn't going to do you much good. Get a workout bag and toss in some extra clothes at the start of your therapy sessions and keep the bag in the trunk of your car. Keep this as your "emergency" set of therapy clothes, so that if something happens and you can't get into the right attire before an appointment, you can quickly change clothes at the therapist's office. Don't forget comfortable shoes as well.

To get the most out of your physical therapy sessions, you will want to stay focused but also be careful not to push yourself too hard. Stick to the schedule suggested by your rehab specialist and don't over-exert yourself on an off-day. Finally, keep a spare set of clothes in your car so you are always ready to go as soon as you walk in to each session. Contact a rehabilitation service, like Hillcrest Nursing Center or a similar location, for more tips and ideas.