Valuable Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Hire In-Home Care For A Parent

20 April 2016
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Hiring in-home care for a parent in failing health can help you feel confident that your loved one is getting the care that he or she needs and deserves. Instead of rushing into this process, it's ideal to speak to peers who have also arranged in-home care for their family members and are able to recommend health agencies for you to consider. You'll then be able to speak to a couple agencies and find out how your parent's needs can be met. It's also valuable to really have an understanding of the type of care you need for your loved one. You can help get this answer by asking yourself these questions.

What Care Can I Reasonably Provide?

While you might be eager to lend a hand in taking care of your parent, the reality is that doing so in the long term can be challenging. Even if it's easy to drop over each day with meals for your parent, ask yourself if you can reasonably continue to do so in the weeks and months ahead. An honest assessment of your capabilities will help you decide which services the in-home aide needs to provide. For example, if you don't expect that you'll be able to provide meals in the long term, you need to hire someone who can prepare meals.

What Is My Expectation For Updates About My Loved One?

In-home aides can provide you with regular updates about the condition of your loved one, but you need to be clear on this information before you move forward with the hiring process. Some people will want to receive an update after each daily visit; for others who are in constant contact with their parent, updates only when something notable needs to be discussed is sufficient. Knowing the frequency of updates that you'll need to feel comfortable about your loved one's care can help you hire an in-home aide who will meet your requests.

What Is My Budget?

Although you want to give your parent the best possible care, you need to be realistic and think about your budget. Whether you're footing the bill, splitting it with your siblings or your parent is looking after the fees, you need to have a clear idea of what you wish to spend. If the available finances are tight, you might think of hiring the aide for a couple days per week and setting a schedule with your siblings to visit on the other days. Contact a provider, such as Assured Healthcare, for more information.