Personal Care Home Or Assisted Living Facility: Which One Is Right For Your Loved One?

29 April 2016
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When your older relative is no longer able to take care of personal needs independently, you may consider placement in a supervised setting. There are many choices available, and finding the one that is right for your loved one is critical for his or her well being and your peace of mind. If you are considering a personal care home or assisted living facility, here are a few things to take into account as you make your decision.

Living Arrangements And Personal Space

In an assisted living community, residents live in their own apartment. This means that people providing care for the residents enter the apartment as needed, but the people living in the community are able to maintain their sense of independence and enjoy a certain level of privacy. Personal care homes are set up more like group homes, with several residents living in the same apartment or house. In some cases, the residents may even share a bedroom. This setup is more similar to the arrangements you might find in a nursing home, but the facility feels more like a personal home.

Levels Of Care

Levels of care in assisted living facilities and personal care homes are typically similar. In both setups, meal preparation, laundry services and other housekeeping services are offered. Staff is available to help with personal care needs, such as administering medication and assisting with daily self-care. Be sure to ask about whether or not a personal care home has a registered nurse on-call for medical emergencies that might arise, and inquire about transportation to and from doctor's appointments. Assisted living facilities may have nursing staff on the premises at all times due to the number of people living in the community, but personal care homes are residential homes, which do not necessarily have the available space to have a nurse in the building at all times.

Aging In Place

Personal care homes are ideal if you don't foresee your loved one needing more intense medical care as he or she ages. Your relative won't usually be able to stay in a personal care home if he or she needs skilled nursing care or extensive medical treatment typically offered in a long-term care facility. On the other hand, some assisted living communities feature affiliated nursing homes and other options for patients who need skilled care. Being able to age in place within a community may be important to your loved one, as he or she may want to stay within the group of friends made at the care facility.

Talk to your loved one about the various options, and speak with the directors of assisted living facilities and personal care homes in your area. Ask whether or not your loved one's insurance will be accepted, and be sure to tour each facility. By working together and doing some research, you'll be able to decide whether assisted living or a personal care home is right for your loved one.

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