Are You Caring for an Elderly Parent?

4 June 2019
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Does your elderly mother or father live at your home? If so, you more than likely have mixed emotions about that. On one hand, you are happy to give back the love and care that your parent gave to you as you were growing up. On the other hand, you might sometimes feel exhausted at the busy life you have.

After all, besides caring for your elderly parent, you more than likely have other obligations, too. For example, do you still have your children living at home? Perhaps you even work outside the home while still making sure that your mother or father is safe. From things you can do yourself to arranging for skilled nursing assistance, here are some things that might help you.

​Things You Can Do Yourself 

Obviously, you are already making sure your mother or father is well-fed, safe and comfortable in your home. However, you might be thinking of ways you can add interest to your mother or father's daily life. 

Is your mother or father up to being part of a senior citizen center? Your community probably has a place where senior citizens meet together to enjoy the day. For example, at a senior citizen center, your elderly father or mother will be with others who might enjoy things like playing board games or watching classic movies. The senior citizen center might even arrange field trips. 

If your parent is more comfortable staying home, consider having your friends pop in for a visit. Sometimes it's nice just to see a friendly face.

Arrange For Skilled Nursing Help  

While you might have all the love in the world to give your elderly parent, and while you can provide pleasant diversions for him or for her, there are probably times that you need professionals to help. For instance, if you are going to be away from your home for several hours or even if you'll be gone several days, think of arranging for skilled nursing to watch over your mother or father. 

A skilled nurse will be able to supervise the medications your parent is supposed to take. If your parent is diabetic, a skilled nurse will have the training and the experience to check to make sure that your mother or father's blood numbers are where they should be. In addition, the skilled nurse will know how to check for any foot problems that might exist.