Is Boutique Assisted Living Right For Your Loved One?

26 July 2022
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The progression of dementia and memory decline can be a source of stress, anxiety, and worry when you're watching a loved one struggle with routine daily tasks and general care. That's why you might be thinking about an assisted living environment for greater support. If that's what you've been thinking about, you may want to consider boutique assisted living care instead. Boutique care is a great solution for many reasons. Here's a look at what you should know.

Fewer Residents Per Staff Member

One of the biggest selling points for many people with boutique assisted living situations is the fact that there are fewer residents per staff member in these facilities. The goal is more personalized, focused attention for the residents, so the facilities balance the number of residents and the staff to ensure a lower ratio for more attentive, thorough care. This means that your loved one's personal preferences, unique personality traits, and food likes or dislikes are more likely to be remembered, appreciated, or supported, making the environment more comfortable for your loved one.

Home-Like Environment

Boutique-style assisted living facilities are smaller, so they can put more of a focus on creating a home-like atmosphere. You'll find that your loved one is more likely to be comfortable, relaxed, and feel at home in an environment like this versus the somewhat clinical environment of some assisted living centers. When you're looking to ease the transition and minimize stress as much as possible, boutique centers are often the way to go.

Deeper Connections And Stronger Relationships

In a boutique environment, the facility encourages residents to interact, build relationships, and get to know each other. Since there are fewer residents in these environments, you're more likely to see your loved one build stronger relationships and deeper connections with some of the residents because they are able to spend more quality time together. In addition, you'll find that staff-to-resident relationships are stronger and more meaningful because the environment encourages them.

If you want an assisted living environment that will meet your loved one's memory care needs without them feeling abandoned, hospitalized, or isolated, a boutique assisted living center might be the best solution for both of you. These are a few of the many benefits of these assisted living facilities, so think about whether or not this type of facility can help your loved one feel safe, supported, and encouraged.

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